What causes lines on the screen?

The lines on your screen are mostly due to hardware problems. When a smartphone is dropped down on a hard surface or when it is exposed to liquids, the black line appears on the screen. The vertical lines on the screen indicate that the LCD cable is no longer connected to the logic board.

When it comes to the television screen, the vertical lines are due to loose wire cabling connection. The horizontal lines on the television screen are because of the graphics system failure.

Horizontal lines on the television screen

As discussed, the horizontal lines on TV screen are either due to loose cabling connection or due to the graphics system failure. The LCD of the television screens is usually made up of two thin layers of glass materials with liquid crystals between them. When the glass is damaged, the liquid crystals between them are damaged which eventually affects the display. This results in the horizontal line appear on the television screen. It can be a permanent internal failure or temporary faulty display connection.

Troubleshooting horizontal lines

There are a few steps to troubleshoot the horizontal lines on the television screen. It can be fixed by,

  • Eliminating the interference
  • Adjusting noise reduction
  • Adjusting phase

Eliminate the interference

Some of the electronic objects like mobile phone, microwaves, and fluorescent lights sometimes emit RF interference. This interference often causes a black line across TV screen to appear. Moving all the electronics and battery-operated devices away from the television screen will reduce the horizontal lines.

If the electronic devices cannot be moved, make sure to switch it off if not in use to reduce the interference as much as possible.

lines on the screen

Determine the extent of the damage

Re-seating the video cables are the first thing that one could do in case of horizontal lines. If the lines are said to disappear after re-seating the video cables, the damage is less. When the horizontal lines still exist to appear, then the issue is severe which may be due to any internal hardware failure.

Adjust the noise reduction and phase

Activating the NR (Noise Reduction) will help greatly in reducing the horizontal lines. Adjusting the picture mode and sharpness may also help in reducing the effect of horizontal lines. The phase adjustment can also help in reducing the horizontal line effect.

Thus the above troubleshooting steps help to fix horizontal lines on LCD TV. If the damage is more severe, consulting the help center is advised.