RCA cables

RCA Cables – An overview

The RCA cables are usually used to connect the VCRs and DVD players to TV sets or CD players to stereo receivers. The most commonly used RCA cables are analog. These are the cables with red and white and sometimes red and black connectors. They usually come in pairs with two connectors on each end, a red one for the right stereo and the white (or black one) for the left stereo. They are mostly bundled with video cables.

Precautions to take before testing RCA cables

There are four major points to consider while testing RCA plugs.

  • Tightening loose RCA cables
  • Tape the RCA connections
  • Take care in routing RCA cables
  • Use quality signal cables

RCA connection

Tightening loose RCA cables

If you have an RCA connector that has become loose over a period, you can gently pinch the edge of the RCA connector to make them bend to fit tight on the input or output jack. Pinching too hard may cause damage to the RCA plug.

Tape the RCA connections

If you are using ‘Y’ connectors, barrel connectors or extender RCAs, then it is a good idea to wrap the connection using a small strip of electrical tape or shrink-wrap around the connection. This prevents a situation that is difficult to fix and access late on.

Take care in routing RCA cables

Try to avoid having the RCA connectors and wires to push tight against the other audio equipment themselves which may cause a loss in the signal. Using quality RCA cables is less likely to have any of the mentioned issues.

Methods to test RCA cables

Just wondering if there is a way to test RCA cables? There are a few methods to test RCA plugs which are given below:

  • Method-1: If one of the RCA cables is not working properly and the reason is suspected to be in a crossover with any other equipment, we can simply insert the barrel connector in place of the suspect piece of the audio equipment.
  • Method -2: A long patch cable can be used to determine the RCA cable is bad without having to route it under the other equipment. This is the other method to test RCA plugs.

How to fix a bad RCA connection?

To fix bad RCA connection, unplug both of the connectors from both the ends of the cable. Plug the right side of the RCA cable into the right side of both the pieces of equipment. If the amplifier starts to play, there is no issue with the right RCA cable. Continue the same process for the left side of the cable. Through this way, you can find the bad RCA connection and fix it accordingly.

Thus, before using the cable, check RCA cable signal for effective results and fewer issues while using.