How to connect old surround sound with the new TV?

Televisions nowadays have changed way too much from the ancient television over the last couple of decades but their built-in speakers haven’t changed much. Be it anything, a movie, music becomes livelier and soulful when there is a good sound system around.

A traditional old stereo system can be a good choice if you are finding for one. A traditional old stereo system can be connected to a TV in many ways according to the inputs and outputs that you have. This module briefs you about the various connection processes.

Take stock of your options

Before connecting the old stereo to your new TV system, you must know the options available on both the stereo and the television. You can either know the options through the TV guide/ manual or directly go behind the TV and know the options available. As the stereo is an old one, they may not have a manual to look upon the option.

The only way to know the features of the stereo is to look manually. On the stereo, you can probably see several input sockets occupied by red and white RCA cables. If anyone of the sockets is free, we can directly connect the old stereo to the new TV with another RCA or audio cable.

connecting the old stereo to your new TV system

Using audio outputs

Having an actual audio output socket is the easiest way of connecting the old stereo to your new TV. All that you need is a simple, long RCA cable that will reach the TV and the back of the stereo. After it is connected, set the stereo to the correct input and make sure that you hear the sound from your TV. By this way, it is possible to connect old surround sound to new TV.

Using headphone or speaker outputs

This is a trickier method as it will give the signals amplified. This is still advisable when you take care of the volume settings. Take a patch cord that runs from the headphone jack to the backside of the stereo. Make a note of the volume setting and leave it permanently by fixing the required sound.

Using the HDMI

The old stereotypes usually don’t have the HDMI connections but if that is the only option in your TV socket, you can find a small external box called HDMI audio extractor available in the market. It gives you a set of audio outputs which are usually RCA connectors through which you can connect to the stereo. You can also connect TV to receiver without HDMI connector.

By finding the best suitable methods, it is easy to connect old receiver to new TV.

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